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100 Things Challenge

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I've decided to take this challenge, to (hopefully) make me encourage me to write more here.  And I'm doing it on "100 Memories/Moments in my life".  (Some of these will be more filtered then others, for obvious reasons.)  These will include entries on memories of specific people/places, as I think that's only fair- those things are often important in one's life.  I suspect some of them will be- small and rather unimportant memories, but they'll still give me a chance and a challenge to write about and express something, to share it with other people (which I've also had trouble doing).

Writer's Block: Toy box travesties

What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?

I always wanted more "building" toys- like Legos, tinker toys, lincoln logs.  It wasn't so much because I grew up a girl (though that was part of it- people gave me damn *Barbies* instead, who I doctored and had go on bizarre and intense adventures, and was appalled by their mutilated feet).  My father said he wouldn't give me Legos because my older siblings had had then and he, who tended to walk barefoot, had stepped on them too many times.  That probably was the case, but...  I loved to *build* things. 

I *have* bought Legos (on Ebay, mainly) as an adult.  The *old* kind, the mixed kind.  I like to build things with them- I'm also wanting to get some of the LEGO games for various consules (like my poor PSP, which I only have one game for) because they're both amusing and appeal to me.

I'm planning on getting the Lincoln logs and maybe tinker toys.  There's a wonderful *used* toy shop that has things like that that I can access so it's cheaper, and it's the *old* stuff I remember. 

I also (here, I feel embarressed).  I never had a dollhouse.  I didn't want it for "normal" reasons.  I wanted/want it to- enact things- symbolic things about my life, almost like sand-tray.  I wish my therapist had one.  I had a fold-out paper one to color I'm going to use in therapy, and there are a couple others like that I want to get, though someday I *really* want to get a real one I can use- for that kind of symbolic work.